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Medora Decor

MEDORA CARPETS Handmade 3D Edge Collection Microfiber & Polyester Smooth Touch Rugs

MEDORA CARPETS Handmade 3D Edge Collection Microfiber & Polyester Smooth Touch Rugs

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The Medora Rug/Carpet collection is in itself an exotic world of elegance and comfort. Its one of our best luxurious, elegant, light-weight, easily portable, soft crafted collection that makes every space of your comfort zone become more alive and give you a heavenly
feeling .It offers great display with a bold, modern charm. It will turn any themed room
into a stunner!
A perfectly delicate product with a magical feel that brings a unique aesthetic to your
home lifestyle which is admired by everyone who glance at it. Its eye - catching
designs and striking color combinations gives it all characteristics to stand up to its
name and become your favourite . The softness, the comfort it gives you is unmatchable



Also, its easy to clean and is pet friendly.

  • Made from a very soft polyester microfiber, it comes in a range of neutral shades with a graduation effect. The Medora range wears very well and is easy to vacuum, making it ideal for the family living room. In a wonderful range of colours and sizes the Medora could just be the thing you need to complete your home.
  • COLOR OPTIONS: Choose from a variety of beautiful, modern colors that will really tie the room together.
  • Material: Front side: Microfiber; Back side: Soft canvas backing
  • Shaggy Area Rug: Top layer of the extremely soft plush rug is made of microfiber with a sponge in the middle and a non-slip plastic beading bottom, ensuring the shag carpet has excellent fade resistance and stain resistance. This soft and fluffy shag carpet is made of microfiber, the texture is silky and smooth, and it is made of safe materials
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